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Gospel according to St. Matthew 8, 5-17. Obra padre Cotallo
Military Laws
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Gospel according to St. Matthew 8, 5-17.
To enter Cafarnaún, was approached by a Centurion, pleading ‘:
‘Lord, my servant is home sick with palsy and suffers terribly.’
Jesus said to him: ‘I will go to cure it’.
But the Centurion replied: ‘ Lord, I am not worthy to enter in my house; you enough to tell you a Word, and my servant will it heal.
Because when I say I’m not more than a junior military officer, one of the soldiers who are under my command: ‘See’, he’s going, and to another: ‘Come’, he comes; and when I say unto my servant: ‘ you have to do this ‘, he does’.
To hear it, Jesus was admired and told those who continued: ‘ I can assure you that I have not found anyone in Israel that has so much faith.
That is why I tell you that many will come from East and West, and will sit at the table with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, in the Kingdom of heaven;
on the other hand, the heirs of the Kingdom will be cast out into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth ‘.
And Jesus said unto the Centurion: ‘Sees, and that happens as you’ve thought’. And the servant was healed at the same time.
When Jesus came to the House of Peter, he found this mother-in-law in bed with fever.
He played the hand and was passed the fever. She stood up and began to serve him.
At dusk, they led many possessed, and he, with his word, drove the spirits and healed all who were ill,
So what had been announced by the Prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled: the took our weaknesses and loaded upon himself our diseases.
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Image from page 171 of “History and government of New Mexico” (1921)
Military Laws
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Identifier: historygovernmen00vaug
Title: History and government of New Mexico
Year: 1921 (1920s)
Authors: Vaughan, John H. [from old catalog]
Publisher: State College, N.M., The author
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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First Division of the Territory of New Mexico intoCounties, 1851-1852 Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Santa Fe, Santa Ana, Bernalillo,Valencia, Socorro, and Dona Ana — and apportionedmembers of the Council and House of Representativesamong them. Justice of the peace courts were then estab-lished; but singularly enough, both sessions of this firstlegislature came and went without the passage of anytax law. 188. Financial Troubles. — Yet there was a deficit of 158 THE HISTORY OE NEW MEXICO ,562 left by the old military government, and everycreditor of the Territory was receiving a warrant on anempty treasury. Nor was there any regular source ofpublic revenue. General Kearny in 1846 had abolished theold abuse of having every kind of legal document written onstamped paper sold by the government at eight dollars asheet. Then the ratification of the treaty of peace, May30, 1848, stopping the collection of tariff duties on goodscoming from the States, cut the last financial prop from

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^jggSS Fort Bliss in the Fifties under the provisional government and left it three years torun on nothing. Not until 1854 did Congress provide forpaying the salaries of the officers of the so-called civil government under the Kearny Code from 1846 to 1851. 189. Settlement of the Texas-New Mexico Boundary. —The Organic Act which created the Territorial governmentalso settled the long-standing controversy with Texas overthe region east of the Rio Grande (sec. 139). The claim ofTexas had always been shadowy and uncertain. The BEGINNINGS OF THE TERRITORY 159 claim of the New Mexicans who had occupied the territoryfor two centuries and a half was definite and beyond reason-able doubt. Now that both were children of the greatRepublic it was the duty of the government to settle thequarrel justly. Congress, therefore, organized the NewMexican lands east of the Rio Grande as a part of theTerritory and paid Texas ,000,000 to give up herclaim. This arrangement had the virtue of doing justi

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