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Image from page 126 of “An illustrated history of the state of Montana, containing … biographical mention … of its pioneers and prominent citizens” (1894)
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Identifier: illustratedhisto00mill
Title: An illustrated history of the state of Montana, containing … biographical mention … of its pioneers and prominent citizens
Year: 1894 (1890s)
Authors: Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913. cn
Subjects: Montana — History Montana — Biography
Publisher: Chicago, The Lewis pub. co.
Contributing Library: Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center
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is time and attention to the order. Hehas advanced in its mysteries until he is now a KnightTemplar in the York rite and has attained the thirty-second degree in the Scottish rite. He is Past EminentCommander of Sir Knight Templars. He is also a Nobleof the Mystic Shrine, a member of the Benevolent Orderof Elks and the K. of P. Mr. and Mrs. Knight have had eight children, of whomfive are living, namely: Edward W., Jr., a graduate ofBooneville College, Missouri, and now occupying theposition of receiving teller in the First National Bank ofHelena; T. H., a business man of Helena; Stella, wife ofHerbert Nickersou, a business man of Helena; HenryW., a student in the Military Academy of Missouri; andBarbara P., a member of the home circle. They occupyone of the most delightful homes in the beautiful city inwhich they live. Such is a sketch of the life of one of Heleuas repre-sentative business men, and although brief and imper-fect it serves as an index to his active and useful career. m-

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/Q^,.._y^i^u<^/^ BI STOUT OF MONTANA. have combiiiec make)f old. (lerground M-ork far less perilous tiiau o Tliere aie several iiiiningcampsin tlieSien-asthat claim the distinction of having had the tir^^tgreat tunnel. But no man can say certainlywhere and when we lirst went underground.My recollection is that Grass Valley and the beau-tiful environs of Nevada City saw tiie miners first Hon. Robert C. W.^llace, who has long been iudeu-tifled with Helena and who is ranked with her success-ful Ijusiness men, was born Ayrshire, Scotland, Feb-ruary 26, 1837, a descendant of Lowland Scotch Presby-terian ancestors. His parents, John and Agnes (Craig) Wallace, contin-ued to reside in Scotland until 1844, when they emigratedwith their family of six children to America, and settledin Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit John Wallace, a physi-cian, practiced his profession until 1863, when he removedto Berlin, that State. At the latter place he still resides,having attained the ripe old age of ni

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my grandma as a nazi wife (?!)
Military Wives
Image by David Flam
One of the "risks" of uploading photos to Flickr is that people might use your photos without permission. In this case, I was up late last night eating a small meal and flipped to the Military Channel, which was showing "Commanders at War." The episode dealt with the German siege of Stalingrad, and they dramatized the German commander at his desk, with a picture of his "wife" always nearby. I almost spat my food out when seeing the picture they used. "Muh Grandma!" At first it seemed cool, in a weird "hey that’s my grandma on TV!" kinda way, but I’m unsure how my Grandma would have felt about it. My mom was upset when I told/showed her, and so was my uncle, since the photo was used to depict my Grandma as a Nazi. Not to mention they were using it without permission! Very uncool. So I’m thinking of trying to contact the production company that made the show, but I’m not sure how. What’s your feelings about it?

I have all of my vintage family photos set as Creative Commons, so that people can use in creative ways for whatever purposes they want, as long as it’s "noncommercial." This case, however, seems clearly commercial.

What’s weird is that they’d choose this photo. Sure, it’s from the mid 1930s, so they got the time period right, but if you look closely at the picture of my Grandma on the left, it’s a photobooth picture with a backdrop of saguaros and palm trees! You can’t really see that in the show’s version, but still…? Strange.

My Grandma’s name was Mayna Gilmer. She died in November of 2007 at the age of 93.

Update: Read a comment further down by me to see how this was resolved. 🙂

Military Wives
Image by Greene Connections
Dated 23 May 186[?]. Carte-de-Visite photograph of Captain John F. McCullough, a member of Co A, 140th Pa. Vol., killed at Tolopotomy, Va., 31 May 1864. Handwritten inscriptions read: John McCullough [on album page] or John McCully [on back of image].

Original, professional photograph from Purviance, cor. Fifth and Wood Sts., Pittsburgh.

The photograph is included in a Carte-de-Visite size photograph album that is a part of the Grable-McGinnis series, featuring the family of Daniel Grable [1795-1851] and his wife, Abigail McGinnis [1809-1880], donated by James Grable in 2007. Archived at the Greene County Historical Society (918 Rolling Meadows Road, P.O. Box 127; Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370). Researched and digitized for the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Photo Archives Project between 2005-2011.

Also see item # PUBL_AN001_0001_0005 and item # PUBL_AN001_0002_0032.