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Military Families
Image by Greene Connections
Photograph of James Leander Varner Jr. [1893-1975] – husband of Etheal Rose, son of James Leander Varner Sr. & Laura Dell Wilson.

Original, professional photograph, no photographer listed.

The Kathleen (Varner) Teagarden Collection photographs were in large part passed from Sebastian Cabot Rose [1860-1926] and his wife, Olive Jane Mooney [1870-1942], to their daughter, Etheal Rose [1897-1958], and her husband, James Leander Varner Jr. [1893-1975], to their daughter, Kathleen (Varner) Teagarden, who added to the collection from various relatives and sources in an effort to compile family history. Kathleen owned and shared the photographs with the Greene Connections: Greene County, Pennsylvania Photo Archives Project in 2008.

Military Families
Image by Pizzo Calabro